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West Coast League announces 2013 WCL All-Star Game rosters

07/15/2013 8:45 AM -

Portland, Oregon, July 15, 2013 – The teams for the 2013 West Coast League All-Star Game presented by Yates Street Taphouse were announced this morning by the WCL All-Star Game committee. With 25 players named to each team, the North Division and South Division squads will meet on Tuesday, July 23, at Royal Athletic Park in Victoria, Canada, at 7 p.m.

Wenatchee AppleSox coach Ed Knaggs will lead the South Division while Victoria HarbourCats coach Dennis Rogers will lead the North Division.

The most represented team this year is Walla Walla with nine Sweets players chosen in the North Division, six of them being pitchers. The second most represented team, the Bend Elks, has seven players selected in the South Division. Players were picked by fan voting, recommendations from Major League scouts and voting by league coaches.

“In a season when the West Coast League brought baseball back to Victoria, we are thrilled to be able to bring the league's All-Star Game there as well,” says WCL President Dennis Koho. “Victoria has a long history of supporting baseball and the HarbourCats have put together an exciting series of events. I am looking forward to joining the rest of the league at this year's All-Star Game.”

Victoria HarbourCats outfielder Austin Russell is one of two players selected on the All-Star team that is originally from Victoria, British Columbia. The local player not only has the luxury of playing in his home stadium, but also gets to play in front of his home crowd. Russell is a junior at Southern Polytechnic State University in Georgia.

Bellingham Bells third baseman Alex Calbick, also a native Canadian, will play alongside Russell representing the North. After leaving British Columbia to play college baseball at the University of Maine, this game is a rare opportunity for Calbick to play at home. Currently, his batting average of .396 is the second highest in the league. Cowlitz outfielder Kyle Knigge, whose current batting average of .400 is the highest in the league, will be opposing Russell and Calbick in the game.

There will be an All-Star Game Kickoff Event on Monday, July 22, where Victoria will welcome Hall of Fame General Manager Pat Gillick as a speaker. Major League Scouting Bureau representatives, league executives, team executives, Victoria business partners, and selected media will be attending.

The all-day event ticket available to the public for July 23 includes the All-Star Game, the post-game fireworks, and the Home-Run Derby Event that starts at 4 p.m. Tickets are available online through the HarbourCats’ website.

North Division Team Roster:

1st Base- Eric Angerer, Bellingham (Chico State)
1st Base- Alex Real, Victoria (University of New Mexico)
1st Base- Matt Mendenhall, Walla Walla (Washington State)
1st Base- Connor Spencer, Wenatchee (UC Irvine)
2nd Base- Ryan Yamane, Bellingham (Northern Colorado)
3rd Base- Alex Calbick, Bellingham (Maine)
Shortsop- Alex DeGoti, Victoria (Long Beach State)
Catcher- Nolan Johnson, Kelowna (Minnesota State)
Catcher- Renae Martinez, Walla Walla (UC Irvine)
Outfield- Grayson Porter, Kelowna (Baylor)
Outfield- Darren Kolk, Kelowna (Vancouver Island University)
Outfield- Austin Russell, Victoria (Southern Polytechnic State)
Outfield- Kramer Lindell, Walla Walla (Linfield College)
Outfield- Brett Stephens, Wenatchee (UCLA)
Pitcher- Nate Cole, Bellingham (Abilene Christian)
Pitcher- Marc Huberman, Bellingham (USC)
Pitcher- Scott Kuzminsky, Victoria (Hawaii)
Pitcher- Ty Provencher, Victoria (Long Beach State)
Pitcher- Sean-Luke Brija, Walla Walla (Gonzaga)
Pitcher- Matt Hall, Walla Walla (Missouri State)
Pitcher- Bret Helton, Walla Walla (Utah)
Pitcher- Chris Lovejoy, Walla Walla (Ball State)
Pitcher- Cody Poteet, Walla Walla (UCLA)
Pitcher- Sean Silva, Walla Walla (USC)
Pitcher- Trevor Lubking, Wenatchee (Pacific Lutheran)

South Division Team Roster:

1st Base- Derek Dixon, Bend (George Fox)
1st Base- Kevin Davidson, Medford (UC Riverside)
2nd Base- Seth Spivey, Bend (Abilene Christian)
3rd Base- Cody Lenahan, Corvallis (Portland)
3rd Base- Jerad Casper, Medford (Oregon State)
Shortstop- Danny Sheehan, Kitsap (San Diego State)
Shortstop- Ray McIntire, Medford (University of Nevada)
Catcher- Dane Lund, Corvallis (San Jose State)
Catcher- Alex McKeon, Kitsap (Texas A&M International)
Outfield- Chase Fields, Bend (Seattle)
Outfield- Turner Gill, Bend (Portland)
Outfield- Blake Drake, Corvallis (Concordia)
Outfield- Kyle Knigge, Cowlitz (Lewis-Clark State)
Outfield- Nick Fisher, Klamath Falls (Linfield College)
Outfield- Cody Hough, Klamath Falls (UC Riverside)
Pitcher- Clay Gartner, Bend (George Fox)
Pitcher- Hunter Raley, Bend (Murray State College)
Pitcher- Devon Barker, Corvallis (Central Washington)
Pitcher- Brandon Choate, Corvallis (Tacoma CC)
Pitcher- Zach Wilkins, Cowlitz (Palomar College)
Pitcher- Spencer Watkins, Kitsap (Western Oregon)
Pitcher- Brandon Horth, Klamath Falls (Loyola Marymount)
Pitcher- Nick Sabo, Klamath Falls (Long Beach State)
Pitcher- Bret DeRooy, Medford (Washington State)
Pitcher- Justin Jacome, Medford (UC Santa Barbara)

About Pat: Pat Gillick was inducted into the Canadian Baseball Hall of Fame in 1997 and the National Baseball Hall of Fame on July 24, 2011. Throughout his career, he was the General Manager of four different teams including the Toronto Blue Jays, Baltimore Orioles, Seattle Mariners and Philadelphia Phillies. He won the World Series three times in his career – first with the Blue Jays in 1992 and 1993, and later with the Phillies in 2008. He was also named The Sporting News’ Sportsman of the Year in 1993 after winning back-to-back championships with the Blue Jays.

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