WCCBL appoints Advisory Board

At its winter board meeting the West Coast Collegiate Baseball League (WCCBL), a premier wood-bat summer college league, announced its inaugural advisory board. The boardis membership includes such baseball luminaries as legendary ex-Washington State University head baseball coach Chuck “Bobo” Brayton; ESPN Baseball Tonight analyst Harold Reynolds; Northwest League President, Bob Richmond; 2003 Minor League Manager of the Year, Dave Brundage; ex-big leaguer and AAA manager Gene Dusan; Team Canada coach Marty Lehn; Baseball America editor in chief, Allan Simpson; and Collegiate Baseball Newspaper editor and publisher, Lou Pavlolich.

The board’s expertise encompasses a range of disciplines and features strengths in administration and marketing. It includes experienced administrators and marketers like Paul Swangard, managing director of the acclaimed Warsaw Sports Marketing Center at the University of Oregon; Steve Flood, creative director and partner at nonbox, Portland’s #2 advertising agency; Ad Rutschman, Oregon Sports Hall of Famer and ex-Linfield College Athletic Director, head football coach and head baseball coach; Dick McClain, executive director of the NWAACC and Nichole Reitzenstein, human resources manager at Boyd Coffee Company.

“We are very proud to announce our first advisory board. They have already helped shape the launch of our league and itis energizing to feed off their enthusiasm for what we are doing. Whatis admirable about this group is that they are genuinely interested in cultivating and promoting positive community activities in the Northwest and they all are extremely passionate about baseball. It’s a great team and they will surely help us reach our league goals and objectives,” said WCCBL Vice President Dan Segel.

Gene Dusan said of the newly formed WCCBL, “(It’s) a hidden gem in the backdrop of baseball in this country. It is exciting to see the support we have here in (Bend) and across the league.”

Advisory board member Carl Moesche of the Major League Baseball Scouting Bureau talked about exposing that gem, “This new league will elevate the area’s baseball image and garner more attention for the game and its players here. I can tell you this is something the scouting community will embrace, and the league will help its kids get the additional exposure the players deserve.”

Steve Flood, the WCCBL’s primary marketing consultant, seconded the importance of enhancing the overall perception of baseball (and players) in the Northwest, but was quick to point out that the beauty of the new league transcends sport, “The West Coast Collegiate Baseball League is in a great position to offer communities up and down the West Coast what most Americans long for, but can no longer find, a genuine sense of community. By harkening back to the gameis heritage, our clubs will start bringing community together in a positive social setting n the ballpark. Whatis more American than that?”

WCCBL Advisory Board

Chuck (Bobo) Brayton Ex-Head Baseball Coach Washington State University
Dave Brundage Manager San Antonio Missions (Class AA)
Gene Dusan Assistant Principal Pilot Butte Middle School
Steve Flood Creative Director/Partner nonbox
Marty Lehn Coach Team Canada
Bob MacDonald Ex-Head Baseball Coach Navy and University of Washington
Dick McClain Executive Director NWAACC
Carl Moesche Scout Major League Scouting Bureau
Nichole Reitzenstein Human Resources Manager Boyd Coffee Company
Lou Pavlovich Editor Collegiate Baseball Newspaper
Harold Reynolds Analyst ESPN Baseball Tonight
Bob Richmond President Northwest League (Class A)
Norv Ritchey Ex-Athletic Director University of Oregon
Kirc Roland Athletic Director Lower Columbia College
Ad Rutschman Ex-Athletic Director Linfield College
Allan Simpson Editor in Chief Baseball America
Paul Swangard Managing Director Warsaw Sports Marketing Center
Wayne Swango Ex-Athletic Director Harrisburg High School

The WCCBL is dedicated to player development, player exposure and to providing affordable summer entertainment to its member communities.