West Coast League attendance takes significant jump in 2010

For the sixth consecutive season, the West Coast League significantly grew its fan base. As the league grew from eight teams to nine, 2010 per game average attendance increased 20% to 966 per game.

As the league set new attendance benchmarks, total league attendance eclipsed 200,000 for the first time, growing by 40% over 2009. Overall attendance, including non-league games, was up 42% from a season earlier.

Bend led the WCL in league total attendance (37,963) and league average (1,460). The Elks recorded the highest overall attendance by drawing 52,263 at Vince Genna Stadium in 2010.

The expansion Walla Walla Sweets led the WCL in league regular season total attendance with 34,775 fans attending games at Borleske Stadium.