90 WCLers Picked in 2019 MLB Draft

WCL Alum Adley Rutschman Taken as the No. 1 Overall Pick

Ninety alums and current players of West Coast League teams were selected in the 2019 MLB Draft.

West Coast League alum Adley Rutschman of Oregon State was selected as the No. 1 overall pick of the Major League Baseball Draft by the Baltimore Orioles. The former Corvallis Knights standout is the first WCL alum in league history to be taken as the first overall pick in the MLB Draft.

Not only did Rutschman play for Corvallis in 2016, he spent a lot of his formative years in the dugouts and bullpens for the Knights. His dad, Randy, coached for the Knights from 1999-2004. Prior to playing for Corvallis he also caught bullpens for the team when he was an underclassman in high school. He appeared in 10 games in 2016 with the Knights before getting hurt. He was selected to play in the WCL All-Star Game, but did not play because of injury. He did attend the game at Cowlitz. He hit .256 during his time with Corvallis.

In addition to Rutschman, Victoria HarbourCats alum Andrew Vaughn was selected No. 3 overall by the Chicago White Sox. Vaughn appeared in seven games for the HarbourCats in 2017 before leaving to join the USA National Collegiate team.

Rutschman and Vaughn are now the two highest selected alumni in the WCL’s history. They surpass Nick Madrigal, who was taken with the fourth overall selection of the 2018 MLB Draft.

WCLers Drafted:

Round / Player / School / WCL Club / MLB Org

– 1st round, Adley Rutschman, Oregon State, Corvallis, Baltimore Orioles

– 1st round, Andrew Vaughn, Cal, Victoria, Chicago White Sox

– 1st round, Michael Toglia, UCLA, Wenatchee, Colorado Rockies

– 1st round, Kody Hoese, Tulane, Bellingham, Los Angeles Dodgers

– CB round A, Davis Wendzel, Baylor, Victoria, Texas Rangers

– 2nd round, Cameron Cannon, Arizona, Victoria, Boston Red Sox

– 2nd round, Ryan Garcia, UCLA, Yakima Valley, Texas Rangers

– 2nd round, Beau Philip, Oregon State, Corvallis, Atlanta Braves

– 2nd round, Chase Strumpf, UCLA, Bellingham, Chicago Cubs

– CB round B, Kyle Stowers, Stanford, Bellingham, Baltimore Orioles

– 3rd round, Matt Fraizer, Arizona, Wenatchee, Pittsburgh Pirates

– 4th round, Ryan Kreidler, UCLA, Wenatchee, Detroit Tigers

– 4th round, Nick Kahle, Washington, Corvallis, Milwaukee Brewers

– 5th round, Chris Lincoln, UC Santa Barbara, Walla Walla, San Diego Padres

– 5th round, Grant Ford, Nevada, Walla Walla, Pittsburgh Pirates

– 5th round, Austin Shenton, Florida International, Bellingham, Seattle Mariners

– 6th round, Will Matthiessen, Stanford, Gresham, Pittsburgh Pirates

– 6th round, Chris Murphy, San Diego, Walla Walla, Boston Red Sox

– 7th round, Darius Vines, CSU Bakersfield, Walla Walla, Atlanta Braves

– 7th round, Jared Horn, Cal, Bellingham, Colorado Rockies

– 7th round, Nick Paciorek, Northwestern, Portland, New York Yankees

– 8th round, Tevin Mitchell, UC Santa Barbara, Kelowna, Miami Marlins

– 8th round, Casey Legumina, Gonzaga, Wenatchee, Minnesota Twins

– 8th round, Jeremy Ydens, UCLA, Wenatchee, Washington Nationals

– 9th round, Bobby Ay, Cal Poly-San Luis Obispo, Walla Walla, Arizona Diamondbacks

– 9th round, Ethan Paul, Vanderbilt, Bellingham, Pittsburgh Pirates

– 9th round, Jake Holton, Creighton, Bend, Detroit Tigers

– 10th round, Jeff Houghtby, San Diego, Kelowna, San Francisco Giants

– 11th round, Jordan Martinson, Dallas Baptist, Cowlitz, New York Mets

– 12th round, Christian Koss, UC Irvine, Yakima Valley, Colorado Rockies

– 12th round, Arman Sabouri, Cal, Bellingham, Milwaukee Brewers

– 12th round, Ryan Anderson, Nevada, Walla Walla, New York Yankees

– 13th round, Tommy Jew, UC Santa Barbara, Victoria, St. Louis Cardinals

– 13th round, Daniel Cope, Cal State Fullerton, Yakima Valley, Colorado Rockies

– 14th round, Easton Lucas, Pepperdine, Walla Walla, Miami Marlins

– 14th round, Chris Micheles, Washington, Bellingham, Philadelphia Phillies

– 15th round, Carter Aldrete, Arizona State, Bend, San Francisco Giants

– 16th round, Kona Quiggle, Grand Canyon, Cowlitz, Detroit Tigers

– 16th round, Dakota Donovan, Central Arizona, Corvallis, Los Angeles Angels

– 16th round, Jordan Jones, Washington, Cowlitz, Cleveland Indians

– 17th round, A.J. Block, Washington State, Victoria, Detroit Tigers

– 17th round, Connor Cannon, UC Riverside, Walla Walla, San Francisco Giants

– 17th round, Trevor Brigden, Okanagan College, Kelowna, Tampa Bay Rays

– 17th round, Zak Baayoun, Long Beach State, Gresham, Colorado Rockies

– 18th round, Brandon Eisert, Oregon State, Cowlitz, Toronto Blue Jays

– 19th round, Niall Windeler, British Columbia, Kelowna, Minnesota Twins

– 19th round, Travis Kuhn, San Diego, Victoria, Seattle Mariners

– 21st round, Jack Stronach, UCLA, Kitsap, San Diego Padres

– 21st round, Alex Roth, Western Oregon, Portland/Gresham, Pittsburgh Pirates

– 21st round, Jack Owen, Auburn, Victoria, St. Louis Cardinals

– 22nd round, Rogelio Reyes, Cal, Bellingham, Minnesota Twins

– 22nd round, Morgan McCullough, Alabama, Cowlitz, Los Angeles Angels

– 22nd round, Trent Tingelstad, Louisiana-Monroe, Kelowna, Seattle Mariners

– 22nd round, Austin Pinorini, Gonzaga, Bellingham, Cleveland Indians

– 22nd round, Shea Barry, UC Santa Barbara, Kelowna, Houston Astros

– 24th round, Trayson Kubo, Stephen F. Austin, Port Angeles, Oakland A’s

– 24th round, Jake Pries, UCLA, Victoria, New York Yankees

– 25th round, Jack Strunc, Creighton, Bend, Miami Marlins

– 25th round, Nate Hadley, UCLA, Wenatchee, Minnesota Twins

– 25th round, Jonny DeLuca, Oregon, Yakima Valley, Los Angeles Dodgers

– 26th round, Kyle Molnar, UCLA, Walla Walla, Los Angeles Angels

– 26th round, Garrett Westberg, Central Florida, Port Angeles, Seattle Mariners

– 27th round, Tyler Malone, Oregon State, Corvallis, San Diego Padres

– 27th round, Kenyon Yovan, Oregon, Cowlitz, Los Angeles Angels

– 27th round, Eric Lex, Santa Clara, Bend, St. Louis Cardinals

– 27th round, Indigo Diaz, Michigan State, Victoria, Atlanta Braves

– 28th round, Jordan Bocko, UC Irvine, Yakima Valley, Washington Nationals

– 29th round, Elliott Cary, Oklahoma City, Cowlitz, Detroit Tigers

– 29th round, James Acuna, Azusa Pacific, Bend, Atlanta Braves

– 29th round, Chase Illig, West Virginia, Bellingham, New York Yankees

– 30th round, Ripken Reyes, San Diego, Walla Walla, San Diego Padres

– 30th round, Troy Stainbrook, Biola, Wenatchee, Washington Nationals

– 31st round, Jake Prizina, Seattle U, Kitsap, Baltimore Orioles

– 31st round, Mikey Filia, UC Irvine, Yakima Valley, Kansas City Royals

– 31st round, Andrew Edwards, New Mexico State, Bend, New York Mets

– 32nd round, Danny Sinatro, Washington State, Walla Walla, Los Angeles Dodgers

– 34th round, Ben Baird, Washington, Walla Walla, St. Louis Cardinals

– 37th round, Owen Cobb, Stanford, Ridgefield, San Diego Padres

– 37th round, Cole Weiss, UNC Wilmington, Victoria, San Francisco Giants

– 37th round, Jacob Forrester, Central Washington, Yakima Valley, Cleveland Indians

– 37th round, Jaylon McLaughlin, Nevada, Bend, Chicago Cubs

– 38th round, Augie Sylk, USC, Portland, Kansas City Royals

– 38th round, Dan Pruitt, Western Oklahoma State, Kelowna, Detroit Tigers

– 38th round, Josh Hendrickson, San Diego, Victoria, Philadelphia Phillies

– 38th round, Luke Boyd, Baylor, Victoria, Los Angeles Angels

– 39th round, Jake Hirabayashi, UCLA, Wenatchee, Minnesota Twins

– 39th round, Austin Crowson, Western Oregon, Bend/Corvallis, Philadelphia Phillies

– 40th round, Nick Silva, Maine, Bellingham, Chicago White Sox

– 40th round, Kade Mechals, Grand Canyon, Kelowna, Miami Marlins

– 40th round, Dillon Plew, Washington State, Yakima Valley, Houston Astros


About the West Coast League:

The West Coast League (WCL) is the premier summer collegiate baseball league west of the Mississippi. Situated in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, the 15-year-old, 12-team, professionally operated wood-bat league showcases pro prospects from major conferences around the nation. Every summer, the league features unparalleled fan and player experiences, with the best summer weather in North America. Ninety alums and current players of WCL teams were selected in the 2019 MLB Draft, including the No. 1 overall pick Adley Rutschman. In 2018, 294 WCL alums appeared or were active in affiliated professional baseball, including 39 in the major leagues, such as all-star outfielder Mitch Haniger (Seattle Mariners); ace hurler James Paxton (New York Yankees): slugger Rhys Hoskins (Philadelphia Phillies); and rising star pitchers Marco Gonzales (Seattle Mariners) and Matt Boyd (Detroit Tigers). Overall member attendance was 496,278 this past summer, a tremendous increase of 20 percent over the previous season.