59 WCLers Selected in MLB June Draft

Several current West Coast League players and alums were selected in the Major League Basebal June draft held June 8-10. The first two alums picked were Wenatchee’s James Kaprielian of UCLA (16th overall selection) – by the New York Yankees – and Walla Walla’s Jon Harris of Missouri State (29th overall selection) – by the Toronto Blue Jays.

Thirteen WCLers were selected in the top 10 rounds. In all, 59 were chosen.

The listing of selections below notes the round, the player, the player’s most recent school, the team he plays for in the WCL or team/s he played for in the WCL and the organization that drafted him.

– 1st round, James Kaprielian, UCLA, Wenatchee, NY Yankees

– 1st round, Jonathan Harris, Missouri State, Walla Walla, Toronto Blue Jays

– 2nd round, Thomas Eshleman, Cal State Fullerton, Klamath Falls, Houston Astros

– 4th round, Cody Poteet, UCLA, Walla Walla, Miami Marlins

– 4th round, Josh Graham, Oregon, Klamath Falls, Atlanta Braves

– 5th round, Justin Jacome, UC Santa Barbara, Medford, Miami Marlins

– 6th round, Matt Hall, Missouri State, Walla Walla, Detroit Tigers

– 6th round, Jay Flaa, North Dakota State, Walla Walla, Baltimore Orioles

– 7th round, Nathan Lukes, Sacramento State, Victoria, Cleveland Indians

– 9th round, Bret Helton, Utah, Walla Walla, Pittsburgh Pirates

– 9th round, Tanner Lubach, Nebraska, Medford, Los Angeles Angels

– 10th round, Mitchell Gunsolus, Gonzaga, Wenatchee, Boston Red Sox

– 10th round, Darren Gillies, Arizona State, Bend, Seattle Mariners

– 11th round, Austin Byler, Nevada-Reno, Klamath Falls, Arizona Diamondbacks

– 12th round, Peter Van Gansen, Cal Poly, Corvallis, San Diego Padres

– 12th round, Ty Moore, UCLA, Wenatchee, Pittsburgh Pirates

– 12th round, Chris Iriart, Houston, Cowlitz, Oakland A’s

– 14th round, Johnny Sewald, Arizona State, Bellingham, Houston Astros

– 15th round, Chris Shaw, Oklahoma, Corvallis, Baltimore Orioles

– 17th round, Chad De La Guerra, Grand Canyon, Klamath Falls, Boston Red Sox

– 17th round, Casey Bloomquist, Cal Poly, Corvallis, Chicago Cubs

– 17th round, Nick Madrigal, Elk Grove HS, Corvallis, Cleveland Indians

– 17th round, Austin Sodders, Riverside CC, Corvallis, Pittsburgh Pirates

– 18th round, Landon Cray, Seattle, Bend, Tampa Bay Rays

– 19th round, Porter Clayton, Dixie State, Cowlitz, Tampa Bay Rays

– 19th round, Seth Brown, L-C State, Klamath Falls/Bend, Oakland A’s

– 19th round, Jerry McClanahan, UC Irvine, Bellingham/Kelowna, Baltimore Orioles

– 20th round, Phil Maton, Louisiana Tech, Kelowna, San Diego Padres

– 21st round, Cadyn Grenier, Bishop Gorman HS, Bend, St. Louis Cardinals

– 22nd round, LJ Brewster, Hawaii, Wenatchee/Klamath Falls, Miami Marlins

– 22nd round, Domenic Mazza, UC Santa Barbara, Cowlitz, San Francisco Giants

– 23rd round, Matt Bower, Washington State, Bellingham, Houston Astros

– 23rd round, Will Dennis, Seattle, Bellingham, Baltimore Orioles

– 24th round, Mitch Esser, Concordia (CA), Klamath Falls, Los Angeles Angels

– 25th round, Scott Burcham, Sacramento State, Kitsap, Colorado Rockies

– 25th round, Logan Lombana, Long Beach State, Victoria, Minnesota Twins

– 25th round, Michael Silva, LMU, Klamath Falls, San Francisco Giants

– 25th round, Trever Allen, Arizona State, Bend, Los Angeles Angels

– 26th round, Gabe Clark, Oregon State, Corvallis/Victoria, Toronto Blue Jays

– 27th round, Jake Reppert, Northwest Nazarene, Kitsap, Philadelphia Phillies

– 27th round, Robert Nesovic, UC Santa Barbara, Victoria, Atlanta Braves

– 28th round, Kyle Garlick, Cal Poly Pomona, Cowlitz, Los Angeles Dodgers

– 30th round, Joe Chavez, UC Riverside, Medford, Miami Marlins

– 30th round, AJ Kennedy, Cal State Fullerton, Klamath Falls, San Diego Padres

– 30th round, Gus Craig, Columbia, Corvallis, Seattle Mariners

– 31st round, Keach Ballard, Oklahoma Baptist, Kelowna/Bend, Houston Astros

– 31st round, Nick Duron, Clark College, Corvallis, Boston Red Sox

– 32nd round, Ty Jackson, L-C State, Wenatchee, Tampa Bay Rays

– 32nd round, Cole Irvin, Oregon, Cowlitz, Pittsburgh Pirates

– 33rd round, Nate Esposito, Concordia (OR), Corvallis/Wenatchee, Kansas City Royals

– 34th round, Jake Peevyhouse, Arizona State, Bellingham/Bend, Arizona Diamondbacks

– 34th round, Brian Olson, Seattle, Kitsap, Minnesota Twins

– 35th round, Hector Lujan, Westmont College, Medford, Minnesota Twins

– 35th round, Taylor Jones, Gonzaga, Wenatchee/Walla Walla, Chicago Cubs

– 35th round, Cameron Newell, UC Santa Barbara, Bend/Klamath Falls, Miami Marlins

– 36th round, Mitchell Tripp, Central Florida, Cowlitz, Cincinnati Reds

– 36th round, Xavier Borde, Arizona, Bend, Baltimore Orioles

– 37th round, Andrew Naderer, Grand Canyon, Corvallis, Detroit Tigers

– 38th round, Dalton Kelly, UC Santa Barbara, Corvallis, Seattle Mariners